Learn. Build. Teach. with James Q. Quick

This design critique is a special one for me. It features my friend James Quick and his educational resource site Learn. Build. Teach. I'm excited to share insights about improving the design, but also to share this amazing resource to learn more about development.

Site: https://www.learnbuildteach.com

Check out James on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-T8W79DN6PBnzomelvqJYw

In this series, I hope to examine many different websites, apps and projects to find common ground that all designers and developers can learn from. We'll be taking a look a lot at what I call "microdesign." Lots of little changes that can add loads of polish to your project. We'll also talk a bit about "macrodesign" and talk about the UX of various layout types.

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